Client: EnergoBit
Year of Production: 2015
Location: Cluj-Napoca
Creative Director: Gáspár-Gábor Kalamár
DOP: Róbert Kertész
Photographer: Vali Turean

Project description:

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, EnergoBit contacted us to take on the production of a 5-minute-long company video. The company was founded in 1990 and it has developed continuously, growing into a group of firms with 100 million Euros turnover and becoming one of the local leaders in the electro-energetic field.

The work was divided into three phases. First, we had to gather, sort and select all the necessary information from the 25 years of company history and activity. In the second phase, we produced visual materials (photo and video) to cover different chapters, including products, company locations and services. Finally, we’ve put all these together in a short, 5-minute-long video.

For its 25th anniversary the company organized a festive event in the heart of Cluj, where they presented our work for shareholders and for the management.