[Founder / Photographer]

Founder of Gavart, alternative-, psychedelic-rock and electro music junkie, a concert addict with an obsession for Pink Floyd.

Vali is a photographer who doesn’t talk much, he’s the type who lets his work speak for him.

After graduating in two different fields - in Telecommunications and Topography, Vali’s career took off with over 8 years in electrical engineering, working for BNT Sistem as a Technical Manager and Marketing Assistant.

Vali has never left his childhood passion for film and photography. Already at an early age, in the 90s, he was lucky to have an 8mm camcorder and a Zenit-E to play with. His hobby and obsession transformed his life. He left his job and started a career in Photography.

It’s fun to watch him on set,  when his perfectionist side keeps him running around without any breaks.

If you want to make a good impression, just surprise him with some tasty chocolate. 


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